You’re not going to like me.

If you are a traditional feminist, you will think I am an attention-whore provocateur; if you are a man, you will consider me an even bigger cunt than traditional feminists.

I don’t care what you think.

Something terrible is happening. Women have fewer rights now than when I was a kid and guess what, sugar? It’s OUR fault. Do you really think that men could actually control more than 50% of the population if we demanded equal rights? Hell, no. They would shrivel away and pray that maybe one day, you would consider making them a sammich. In the end, they’re lazy bastards, the lot of them.

And why not? All they have to do is occasionally stoke the fires of female self-loathing and draw strength from its warmth. It’s YOUR fault. It is if you aren’t a feminist and it is even more if you are a feminist. You people have been fucking us sideways for more than 40 years…and I’m sick of it.

So move over Steinem, you sell-out old gasbag; there’s a new sheriff in town…whether you like it or not.




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