Because Bitches don’t leave other Bitches to the mercies of self-fellating hyenas.


I’m not even going to pretend that I thought anything more coherent than DAMN, as I read the treatise newfound love, born-again Badass Bitch Rose McGown penned in response to the unforgivably presumptuous shit written by infant Mansplainer Owen Gleiberman, “Renee Zellwegger: If She No Longer Looks Like Herself, Has She Become a Different Actress?” (and no, I’m not adding a link…that asshole doesn’t deserve even Fuck You kind of attention).

Even the title of this shit is so outrageous that my brain went into lockdown as soon as I saw it: Wait…what?? Are you…yes, I think you are…motherfucker, are you implying that you fucking own Renee Zellwegger’s face?? Or…her fucking fake fictitious character? Her right to be a fucking actress? Or that any cosmetic surgery needs your fucking signed affidavit? Or…yeah, that as a viewer, you get to dictate what the fucking character is supposed to…god FUCK YOU”.

Luckily, for you and the world at large, Rose McGowan answered first.

Unbeknownst to me, Rose has retired from being treated like shit in Hollywood–her reference, not mine…but I have no doubt. She grew up a child in a fucked-up cult, became an emancipated adult by 15–before she began acting–and made a career of being the best thing in a lesser project (except that I liked Grindhouse…sue me). It does not surprise me at all when she describes her experiences as an actress as demeaning; it did, however, surprise me that she quit acting to become a filmmaker and activist.

And thank God she had the guts to do so, because Glieberman had it coming. From the very first line: “Owen Gleiberman, this is not a counterpoint. There is no counterpoint, there is no defense for the indefensible”, I was captivated. Rose goes on to tell how she was so fucked up from the constant cruel remarks and sites summing her up according to the accumulation of her feminine parts that, “I actually forgot what I looked like. Which is awesome because I rose up from some serious ashes to finally have my say. Here’s some truth: Men like you and the women who sit idly by and say nothing should know that aiding and abetting is a moral crime, and if it were punished in Hollywood, most of you would be in some form of jail”.

Did you hear that Hollywood Hyenas? And that goes double for you, lady hyenas!

It goes on, brilliantly–I am deliberately keep the crux of the essay to myself because I want as many people to read this as possible–calls him out as the opportunist that he is, throws down the gauntlet to anybody who believes they have a right to tell any woman what to do with her face just because they liked a movie character she portrayed and, most brilliantly of all, changed the target in his own bullshit essay (Renee Zellwegger) to famous male celebrities and used his own words to show how stupid and small he really was…and ending it all with this unanswerable line:

“You are simply a bully on semiglossy paper.”

And that’s how you do it, Bitches. You don’t allow a person–man OR woman–to destroy a woman for their own amusement. You don’t ignore the young girl who is being harassed by some idiot to “smile”. You don’t join in when a man refers to a woman as a slut. You don’t allow catty bullshit about a woman’s weight to go unchallenged. You go stand next to a woman who is being catcalled…or threatened…or hurt.

And you don’t tolerate some asshole hack trying to break into the biz by trashing a woman who has taking decades of shit from “a self-fellating town that just loves to love itself”.

Rose McGowen doesn’t…and I am honored to make her my very first Badass Bitch of the week. Expecting great things from you, love…and I’m looking forward to it.

Go witness some Bitch Badassery and read Rose McGowan’s Response to the Asshole who Trashed Renee Zellwegger…it’ll do your heart proud.


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