Because I am willing to be the lightning rod for uncomfortable truths about the failings of modern feminism, here is the most uncomfortable truth of all: it is our fault that we have not achieved equality.

Think about it: we represent 51% of the population; the fact that we are termed a “minority” is a sad irony, because we are the fucking majority. Trust me–the only reason we have not achieved equality is because of this bizarre, lemming-like tendency we have to self-balkanize our own sex. Superior upper strength be damned; if we actually stopped projecting our own self-loathing onto other women, men could not stop us from achieving equality. Singleminded solidarity can move mountains; it can almost certainly change laws and social mores.

So why the hell are we attacking our sister Bitches? And for the most trivial, bullshit reasons, too…usually having to do with some sort of superficial shaming: slut-shaming, fat-shaming, mother-shaming, not-being-a-mother shaming. And we all do it, too, ripping each other apart like a bunch of bloodthirsty biddies rushing in to destroy the lame hen in this perpetual pecking party.

Think back for a moment–the last time you trashed another woman, was it because she lacked integrity? Did she behave in a way that caused another human actual harm? Was she being blatantly dishonest? Stealing? Did she make a bigoted comment, use her religion as a weapon, abuse her partner or child? Was she being hypocritical or unprincipled? Probably not. More than like, you made some offhand catty remark about a woman’s body, that tacky short skirt she does not need to be wearing, that her kids are brats, maybe referred to her as nasty, a ho, a THOT or, worst of all, lapse into using the term bitch as an insult?

Welcome to Vichy, sister Bitches–colluding with the enemy is a way of life.

No moral high ground here; in fact, I’ve been going through a sort of moral crisis about my own disloyalty and I’ve come to the conclusion that trashing my sister Bitches for trifling shit is the same as spreading enemy propaganda. And I’m done sabotaging my lady comrades.

Still, while none of us are without sin, there are those truly egregious cases of women who are so enthusiastically masochistic that they actually aid and abet those who long for the days of chattel, who seem driven to dick-lick the opinions of men, as if in the constant throes of an unrequited daddy hang-up (clue: destroying other women will not make your daddy love you…nor will it impress any other real man).

Please do not misunderstand me–I’m no troll like Camille Paglia (speaking of pandering dick-lickers…); I am a feminist. I am an ardent feminist. In fact, it is because I am a feminist that I can no longer tolerate women who are hellbound on attacking other women for such cruel, pointless reasons, while apparently oblivious to the fact that they take themselves down in the attempt.

And every time you undermine a woman in this way, you are committing the worst kind of treachery: you are a gender traitor.

Get this straight: every time you make some bullshit catty remark about another woman, when you fight a woman over a man, when you say some pandering shit like, “I just don’t like women; I get along better with men”, when you condemn a woman for her sexual expression, for her clothing preferences, for personal domestic decisions or any other reason which is neither important to whom they are as a person and/or none of your goddamn business, you are betraying every woman out there. It’s treason, pure and simple.

Henceforth, I have made it my personal mission to weed these Judas Iscariot assholes out, starting…now.

My first choice for gender traitor may seem trivial, but she is so indicative of the sort of unconscious, endemic self-loathing which keeps all of us down that I decided to go ahead and make a case out of Playboy model Dani Mathers. No…not because of that. I don’t give a shit what she does with her body; it’s her body to use as she sees fit. A woman’s body is her own; you don’t get to pick and choose what other women do with it just because you don’t approve. So no judgment over the fact that she poses nude for men. Objectification occurs when women don’t have control over their bodies. That is not her treachery.

Her treachery is that she judged another woman for her body and in the nastiest, cruelest, hopefully illegal way. From the locker of L.A. Fitness, she took a Snapchat photo of a nude woman taking a shower…ostensibly, because she was fat (relax: fat is not a judgment; it is a description…it is only when fat is considered an insult does it become a judgment) and, in Mather’s pinched laboring brain, that made her worthy of ridicule.

If you must, you can look up the photo that is blowing up the internet, but I wish you wouldn’t because it contributes to this woman’s victimization. I can’t imagine how traumatic it must be for your body to be exposed for fucking millions of people to see. Understand, she was in the women’s locker room, taking a shower. There is more than a reasonable expectation for privacy; that shit should be sacrosanct. So, instead of adding to this woman’s trauma, I have edited the photo to show only this giddy asshole’s mean girl yuck-chuckling face.

Behold, the yuck-chuckling, giddy little asshole, Dani Mathers.

If ever there was a woman in need of gang Bitch-slapping…Exhibit A.

Now here’s the good news: this self-loathing asshole is being fucking eviscerated; the bad news is that many of the people who are condemning her–not just the guys–are doing the same goddamn thing to her that she did to the lady in the shower: physically shaming her…like the comments from the screen shot below.

I know there will be those who see that as karma, irony, O. Henry style justice; they’re wrong. In her cruel, vacuous attempts to body shame another woman, she gave woman-hating trolls the excuse to attack her for her physical appearance, which accomplishes dick (pun unintended).

And while it is true that most of the negative comments I’ve read have been about her cruelty and how that sort of cruelty leads to a culture awash in crap self-images, eating disorders and being victimized for truly stupid reasons, she is also being slammed for having a large mouth (there were multiple Steven Tyler references), needing a nose job, obvious breast augmentation (note: again–women have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies, including cosmetic surgery…another crap reason to attack a woman) and virtually all the other below-the-lady belt insults are being needlessly lobbed…which she inadvertently encouraged as soon as she documented her own viciousness.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 2.40.30 AM
And these were the polite comments.

And that is why being a gender traitor isn’t just vile, it’s stupid: when you stoke the fires of misogyny, you invariably roast yourself in the process. You’re not “one of the guys”–at best, you are a mascot; at worst, you are a stooge. A sell-out.  An Auntie Thomasina. A contemptible, asshole apostate who should be shunned by every other glorious Bitch in womankind.

And I am on a personal crusade to rout your lot out.



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