MB woke me up and told me about the three policemen who were killed in Baton Rouge…

My first thought was, “It’s happening. Fuck me, it’s happening.”

 I joined MB on the sofa, who was glued to the TV screen. I don’t watch TV, especially those “news” channels, so seeing all those jagged, violent images interspersed with blonde TV drones running their head non-stop was so jarring, that it took a moment before I could even process what they were saying.

“One of the suspects, who was heavily armed and dressed in black fatigues, is reportedly dead, but it is possible that two other suspects may have fled the scene. It has not yet been confirmed if the gunman had any affiliations with the Black Lives Matters protest or other anti-police groups”.

MB said, “Shit. Hope nobody’s wearing black.”

I replied, “Clothes or skin?”

Now if you are thinking–like I did–“Black fatigues? You mean ‘camouflage’? How the hell do black fatigues camouflage somebody?”, I did a quick search on Google for images of black fatigues. It took me a while, but sure enough, I found it: basically, it’s just a black shirt and pair of black shorts. That’s it? I was thinking more like head-to-toe badass Samurai, but these look more like something a weekend warrior Yuppie would wear during his bimonthly workout at the gym.

So how the hell did they get “fatigues”? For that matter, where did they get that shit about the “two other possible suspects?” And it has “not YET been confirmed ” that he was affiliated with Black Lives Matter PROTESTERS nor has any specific group claimed responsibility”.

I’m not making this shit up. And we’re talking MSNBC, not Fox.

But supposing I was a typical, mainstream American viewer…this is what I would hear: three of those cop-hating Black Lives Matter people were hiding right there with the rest of those racist radicals, just so they could kill some cops. The Good Guys killed one of them–thank God, because who knows how many other cops they would’ve killed–but two of those other scary, armed black man radicals (terrorists?) are still out there. So you’d best hope you don’t come across one of those people wearing black, because they’re just dying to kill whitey.

It really is that easy.

But if you aren’t hip to the techniques of propaganda, here are a few examples to help you break the code…but this time, let’s use a report of a cop killing a black civilian:

“A veteran  and/or decorated police officer has fatally shot a black suspect during a struggle and/or while was resisting arrest. The suspect (insert name here, though it will probably be reported as “black suspect” unless there are a shitload of witnesses), who had a criminal record, was heard by nearby witnesses (a bunch of black folks) to say_______ during the struggle (“Why are you arresting me” “I can’t breathe” “I have a concealed carry permit”, are only a few possible examples) and there is a possibility that the occurrence was caught on tape. Big Powerful Police Cop Apologists have commented that they are taking this matter seriously and will carefully investigate this claim …”  

…and so on, read by every one of those poker-faced pieces of fluff in mainstream media : NBC, CNN, and, greatest hypocrites of all: MSNBC. You know–the liberal media outlet (I have no idea what Fox aka Angry Cracker News reports, because I don’t waste valuable life hours listening to rage-stuttering morons).

I won’t lie–I’m scared. There is such an Us and Them divide in this country; I have this near-constant sense of foreboding that some catastrophic event will occur. People scoff at me and call me Chicken Little. Yesterday, MB tried to comfort me with this quote, “‘There won’t be a revolution until there is blood running in the streets'”

I looked at him and replied, “How much?”

Until then, I won’t go full-on tin foil hat about shadowy board members of the various media outlets, who hire puppet stooges to robotically convey messages that “it’s sort of okay to kill black people”…but I do believe that it is safe to say that the romantic trope of the Principled Intrepid Journalist, single-minded in his/her dedication to report the TRUTH, has long gone the way of the dodo.






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