(I actually set out to write about a pet rant of mine: when you outlaw sex workers, you support trafficking. I believe that with everything I’ve got. And I will post this argument again; this is just some weird thing which sang in my head. Not a poet–good god, I am NOT a poet–but just a…thing. Take it as you please).

“Belle”–Amsterdam’s tribute to the ladies who work in the Red Light District: Inscribed is this message:”Respect Sex Workers All Over the World”.

God bless the whores, and the strippers, too. Phone sex actresses, internet girls and video chicks, bless them all. God bless the ho, the slut, the THOT or any other woman who uses their body as they please.

God damn the pimps, traffickers and modern day slave traders. Most of all, goddamn the johns who pay for their destruction. Bloodsuckers, all of them leeches—not predator, but parasites—engorged, glorified ticks. They should be exiled from humanity for 25-life.

God damn the roofie rapists, false friends and gang-bangers. Encouraged by culture, unpunished by law—tales of promiscuity or incapacity transform a woman into fuck-meat…and all men entitled.

God damn the predators, the violent, the killers—the cowards who exploit those in an unfair caste system. God damn the cops who say sex workers are impossible to rape, then file their murders under No Humans Involved. God damn police stings, which arrests only the victims and god damn the judges who sentence them with boredom and distaste.

And god damn the hypocritical women–closeted republicans, I’m thinking–who cherry-pick women’s bodies: liberating their wombs and controlling the rest. They want to ban porn, stripping and—lotsa luck—prostitution, to save sex workers from themselves. Modern days Carrie Nations…and likewise too obtuse to see that criminalizing the sex trade benefits  only the black market…i.e. the sex  trade becomes the slave trade.

So God bless the sex workers and free the slaves. Prohibition built criminal empires; legalize sex work and the slave trade empire will crumble. A woman’s right to her body should be absolute, without  any of the “take backsies” caveats of party line feminists. That hypocrisy weakens our cause. True feminism is about freedom of choice; anti-feminism only shames sex workers and impedes their choices…little wonder why they (and many women in general) hold the whole feminist movement suspect. Control one woman’s body and you control us all; liberate it and you empower us all. You don’t have to approve…and, quite frankly, no one gives a shit if you do.


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