You still don’t get it.

It’s because James Comey. Putin and his merry minions of hackers, acting according to his Hillary-hate hard-on. It’s those spoiled Millennials, for first voting wrong and then not enough. And the Evangelicals, because they believe that you’re going to hell and hope you do. Those “progressive” radicals on the Far Left…traitors, the lot of them. That once again, American misogyny was more powerful than rights or justice. Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the blabbermouth, and Huma Abedin, whose irredeemably slimy husband spread cooties all over the whole campaign (and goddamn you, too, Bill). Bernie–that backstabbing, rabble-rousing, obnoxiously earnest, goody-two-shoes old coot–just couldn’t face the inevitability of your legacy.

Though you can’t blame the African-Americans for low voter turn out, because they are being disenfranchised, or think they’re being disenfranchised, or maybe they didn’t have car fare or…well, it’s not their fault (much). The Muslims? Well, they were too afraid to vote, of course…somebody might think they were terrorists. The Mexicans? That’s a tough one, isn’t it? And 53% of white women voted for Trump, because…because…because maybe sexism is so deeply entrenched into our culture that even some educated women are too ignorant or because they were afraid of their husbands, or were filled with irresistible self-loathing or were paranoid that somebody could peek over their shoulders while they were voting…and tell their husbands they didn’t vote right.

The white working class? Ha. Well, it certainly isn’t your fault that a bunch of hate-humping racists and misogynists and deplorable people et al voted against you…right? Those people always vote against their best interests.

It just isn’t fair. They cheated. The barbarians stood on their hind legs and got uppity. Black folks are ungrateful, Mexicans would rather be called rapists, women are traitorous lemmings–including your own employees…especially your own employees–the bible thumpers voted Leviticus, goddamn Bernie and his Deadhead-loyal band of Bernie Bros, that goddamned penis-envying commie, getting you back for all those times you totally cock-blocked him,and fuck YOU, Comey…fuck you until you fucking die. 

Fuck every one of them. This was your turn. Forty years of making your bones in politics and how do they repay you? By electing a psychopathic man-toddler whose sole contribution to history will be as the only man who could make Dubya look like Abraham Lincoln. Cheaters. Traitors. Ingrates. Backstabbing “progressives”. Overcompensating Commie. All of that work. A lifetime of work and they spat in your face. Fuck them. And fuck you, too. Fuck all y’all. It isn’t fair, this wasn’t supposed to happen, illegal, unethical, propaganda, deplorable…etc etc, ibid, ditto, what I just said, rinse and repeat.

As my redneck cousin from Alabama would say: “Boo-fucking-hoo. My heart pumps piss.”

For about 24 hours post-election, I did feel some mild sympathy, mostly because I can’t imagine how humiliating it must be to lose to the Donald the Douchebag. I can’t even imagine who would be worse. Charles Manson, maybe, or my neighbor’s half-blind, retarded chihuahua, who spends his days running into walls, attacking the walls for being there and running into them again in the process…but at least he is a somewhat sympathetic character.

Harsh comeuppance, I know. So, in spite of my very acrimonious, very public split with the Democratic Party, I bit my lip and felt your pain…but then you opened your goddamned mouth and I remembered all over again what drove me to renounce my membership as a fourth generation democrat: you don’t have a clue…and it’s deliberate.

But since you are so goddamned determined to hide behind that deliberate obtuseness, let me lay it out for you: it’s YOUR fault you lost.

Or, more precisely, it is the democratic party who lost; nominating you was just another sign of their complete blind arrogance and how completely out of touch with the country they are…still, you are the person who best personifies what the democratic party has become: elitist. Conservative. Status Quo. Terrified of meaningful change (hint: when you can’t say the word “progressive” without sneering, that’s a very thin disguise for saying you have no intention of changing anything because things are just swell behind your gated community) and so alarmingly blind as to what the country needs or even the fucking party needs, that they actually step aside and nominated you, because, well…”It’s her turn”.


This isn’t the fucking Oscars; you don’t get an award just because you never won an award.

But by god, that is the direction they took and ignored millions of those icky progressives who got behind the guy who was there because he wanted change.  And that appalled all of you, because that would mean fucking off Wall Street, taking off your white gloves and mingling with the Great Unwashed Masses, because–are you listening, Hillary?–THAT is why you lost: you–as the chosen representative of this party of ridiculous white, affluent Beautiful People–cannot stand speaking to factory workers. Vets. Plumbers. Sales clerks. Farmers. Mechanics. Anybody, pretty much, who isn’t college educated, privileged and WHITE. I don’t want to hear about Obama; President Spock is hardly representative of the way most black people live any more than you are emblematic of the way most white people live.

See, most people are not college educated, believe it or not…and, thanks to you, even fewer people will now have the chance. Most people are working folk. They don’t live in gated communities. Their kids don’t go to private school. There are more people who build bridges than there are those who design bridges and it’s a good goddamn thing, because it really doesn’t make a shit if there is no one to build them, does it? But you–and the rest of the party–truly don’t seem to realize this. You are so trapped behind your ivy league ivory tower that you don’t seem to realize that this party abandoned the working class the moment James Carville posted the sign: “It’s the economy, stupid”.

Call them racists. Call them misogynists. Call them “deplorables”…as long as you don’t have to actually call them, darling, because let’s face it: they’re NOKD.

Well…Trump called. So have all of those other lying republican bastards…and that’s exactly what they do LIE and dangle red herrings like the little lord jesus and blame black people for crime, hispanic people for taking the jobs they really didn’t want in the first place, slut-shame the women, vilify the Muslims and most of all FUCK the poor, because THEY are the root of why these people–many of whom ARE poor and are brainwashed into thinking that they are busting their asses working for shit to support somebody else. Why are they dumb enough to believe it? Because that is what they are told. Why don’t they disbelieve it?


You wrote off millions of hardworking people–MILLIONS–as deplorables…and that is the only thing you said about them at all. You had no interest in listening to their real world problems, accused them of being selfish for not wanting to pay into a health care plan that millions of them weren’t even eligible for…because they were too fucking poor…you really don’t have a clue what it really was that they wanted…and they don’t either. Because they had some shameless moron who stoked whatever resentments they might be nursing–most of which were for the wrong reason–and told them everything he was going to STOP. He never really made any promises to do for them…only against others. And he fed into that class resentment that was caused by the other Clinton administration and was fanned into overdrive under the President Spock administration, that master of, “I will not deign to address that person” style domestic diplomacy.

So they hear about the evils of welfare, not corporate welfare. They fear Muslim extremist terrorism without hearing that even Homeland Security considers good ol’ ‘Murikan domestic terrorism a far greater threat. That abortions are being conducted on a fucking 24/7 conveyor belt, that undocumented workers can actually vote at all, much gain some unfair advantage on the other candidate. That black people are little more than out of control animals and that inner cities are little more than…jungles… One billion Muslims want to kill us all. Job numbers are worse than they ever have been. Raising the minimum wage would cause massive unemployment. Climate change is just some bullshit these con artist scientists are making up to get rich. Obamacare is the worst thing that has happened to this country and their way…something about vouchers? the free market? I dunno, something…is all they would need.

They’re not stupid. Dangerously naive and very often, yes–ignorant…but ignorant doesn’t mean stupid; it means they don’t have knowledge of facts because the people who should be championing them and working around the clock to inform them on what the real numbers are and the real consequences of the lies are and who the villain actually is…don’t bother. Many of these people don’t actually believe Trump is worth a shit…their vote was a big FUCK YOU to the party who made it so painfully clear what their opinion was of them: deplorables. And even if Trump is a disaster, they have very good reason to believe that you would be worse…because you didn’t even pretend to give a shit about them.

Nor did you care about the blacks–newsflash: visiting Spelman College is NOT outreach into the black community–nor did you care about the Hispanics, nor the Muslims or women. You gave brief lip service to them, sure…but let’s face it–you thought you had a lock. You believed that, “Of course, they’re going to vote for me…they’d be crazy to vote for Trump!!” without understanding that, well…they don’t have to vote at all. 53% of white women voted…for…TRUMP. That, in and of itself, should be your shame.

This election should’ve been a slam-dunk. A child should have won over Trump. I would pull out a raving, schizophrenic, crankhead out of the sewer and vote for them over Trump…and it would have taken so little to convince millions of other people to do likewise. But you didn’t bother. You addressed your people and your people alone: affluent, educated, privileged white people, who I suppose, were supposed to save the day for everybody else they didn’t give a shit about.

No, Hillary. Comey didn’t cost you this election. Nor did the Millennials or Bernie or misogynists or racists or evangelicals or those loathsome “progressives”. It’s not Huma Abedin’s repulsive husband’s fault. It wasn’t your complete ineptitude with basic IT security. It wasn’t even Putin (and don’t flatter yourself, Vlad…you really have very little to do with this descent into Dark Ages, 2.0).

It is your fault. It is the fault of a party that has become so bloated and meaningless that it should be completely razed and rebuilt from the ground up…if at all. You had a million opportunities–you could have listened to Bernie’s people. You could have actually even one time stepped outside your comfort zone and drank a fucking glass of ice tea at a mom and pop place. Stopped by Harlem for an impromptu visit. Disavowed some of the truly troublesome Wall Street bastards. You could have fucking apologized for calling millions of people “deplorables”…and MEANT IT…or even made a pretense of giving a shit about any of those people who turned to Il Duce Dumbass.

This is YOUR fault, you and the rest of that stale, wealthy, hyper-educated, despicably over-privileged, conservative, Neo-Reaganian crew you have at Democrat headquarters. And even now, when you could be out working with all of us who are fucking well going to pay and pay badly, helping us form some sort of plan, organizing for the resistance, putting people into place who can do some clean up in the mid-elections, or do any goddamn thing at all, you are proving to all of us just how weak of a leader you would have been by fucking whingeing on about how unfair it is that you lost.

And you did. You lost…and you lost it for all of us. So if you can’t stop whining about how you wuz robbed and take some action to help us clean your shit up…then just shut the fuck up. Nobody cares what you have to say anymore…just like you didn’t care about what anybody else said before November 8th.

P.S. Go…away.



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